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Savage Finery™

Harley Studs- Waterproof

Harley Studs- Waterproof

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Our Harley stud Earrings, the epitome of daintiness and cuteness. These exquisite earrings are delicately designed, featuring shimmering crystals that catch the light. 

Crafted from waterproof stainless steel, these earrings ensure both elegance and lasting durability. Whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or wearing them on a sunny beach day, the stainless steel construction guarantees they'll maintain their beauty even when exposed to moisture.

Elevate your style with these crystal earrings that effortlessly combine aesthetics and resilience. These earrings will stay beautiful all year round, no matter the weather. Reveal your personal style with a combination of fashion and function.

  • Waterproof stainless steel
  • sold as a set 
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